Welcome to a Healthier You

Indian River County Eligible Employees & Covered
Dependents Can Now Enroll in a
Powerful Health Program at No Charge

Busy lives. Family. Money. Work.

There are so many things that get in the way of improving your health. We get it. We’re human beings just like you.

We understand all the medicines, tests and special things you’re supposed to do when you have a health condition.

But we make it easier with our proven program. We pair you with a health coach who’s in your corner. We ship you free testing supplies and provide digital tools to use with your phone or laptop.

The result? You’ll feel better and be on the path to better health.

Join us!

What Your Co-Workers are Saying

Kannact is here to help all Indian River County
members manage their Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Successfully manage your blood sugar!
  • Eat healthier and to better manage your diabetes. Kannact coaches know how you can take control of your diet to improve your health.
  • Exercise plays a role in managing your diabetes. Work with a coach to increase your activity level!

How Kannact Works

We help you monitor and improve
your health between doctor visits.

  • Free Diabetes testing supplies – including glucometer, testing strips, lancets, and lancing pens.
  • Flexible coaching– by phone or messaging
  • Access to our nurses and pharmacists to answer your questions
Kannact's Role
Ship you free testing supplies.
Ship you free, easy-to-use devices that help you better manage your health.
Provide you with a personal health coach and digital health advisor.
Give you access to nurses and pharmacists when you have questions about your medications or symptoms.
Help your loved ones and friends be part of your health journey.
Protect your personal health information.
Your Role
Test regularly and your readings are securely sent through our app to your coach.
Just download the Kannact app, take a reading and you're ready to go!
Commit about 10 minutes a month to talk or message with your coach.
Reach out to our healthcare professionals when you have questions or concerns.
Invite a family member or friend to get a heads up when your readings aren’t right.
Rest assured that your personal health information is safe and secure. Your information will never be shared with your employer.
The Kannact Experience
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What free supplies do you send?

A: Kannact participants receive testing supplies to support their chronic condition. For those with diabetes, a glucometer, testing strips, lancing device, and lancets are sent. Strips and lancets are refilled on a quarterly basis and enough supplies are sent to meet your doctor's prescribed testing frequency. For those with hypertension or cardiovascular disease, a blood pressure cuff is sent.

Q2 : What devices?

A:Kannact sends out a Bluetooth-enabled glucometer for those with diabetes. A Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff is provided to those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. For those with incompatible phones, alternative devices are sent. All of Kannact’s testing devices and supplies meet FDA standards.

Q3 : What does it mean to have a coach?

A: Having a coach means that you always have someone in your corner to support you on your health journey. Kannact offers either a personal coach that you can call or message for one-on-one health coaching or a digital coach that will provide you with the tools you need for self-managing your chronic condition.

Q4 : How can Kannact help improve my health?

A: Our coaches work with you on medication compliance, testing adherence, and setting lifestyle goals to bring about meaningful and impactful results. Coaches help with increasing your knowledge about your chronic condition and how to manage it, the importance of establishing positive social support, stress reduction, and other factors that can affect your health outcomes. Coaching also focuses on assessing your diet, nutrition, and other health factors, such as sleep and stress management.

Q5 : How much time?

A: Kannact participants can expect to spend about 10 minutes a month engaging with their personal or digital coach.

Q6 : Is this program a replacement for my doctor?

A: No, Kannact is not a replacement for your doctor. The Kannact program works to support you between your doctor’s visits and you are encouraged to maintain regular visits to your primary care provider.

Q7 : Does the program cost me money?

A: Kannact is a free employee benefit program provided by your employer. It is free to you- including testing supplies as long as you are employed and have chronic conditions!

Q8 : Why are they asking me about my medical conditions?

A: Our coaches are supported by a medical guidance team including medical doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. By providing your medical history and lab data, our team can design a personalized plan to manage your condition and improve your health. Because Kannact is HIPAA compliant, your information is not shared with any unauthorized party including your employer. This means that information is confidential and your medical and health information is kept safe and secure.