Your health journey at your own pace.

Juggling a busy life, family, work? You may find that
trying to balance everything can get in the way of
improving your health.
This is where Kannact can help. Kannact is a new
health benefits program offered to Indian River
County members & their covered dependents
with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes as part of their
health plan!
We specialize in helping people with chronic
conditions reach their personal health goals and
overcome their challenges through one-on-one
health coaching, providing medical testing
equipment and more!

Current Kannact Participant

The Highlights of Kannact’s Health Coaching

Living with diabetes is hard. You don't always have access to support when you most need it. Our health coaches are there to help you get the support you need along the way.
Our coaches' mission is to create a personalized health plan that is made to fit your life. They’ll help you take your readings and monitor your progress. They will also teach you a few everyday steps that can have a lasting impact on your health and wellbeing.
We will mail you medical testing equipment at the start of the program. This equipment includes a glucometer and testing strips connected to our digital platform, which allows you and your coach to see how you are doing.

Benefits of Kannact

  • Access 1 on 1 support from our team of certified health coaches.
  • Get free and easy-to-use medical testing equipment shipped to your home.
  • Receive helpful resources each month to better understand your chronic condition
  • Talk to our nurses and pharmacists if you have questions about your chronic condition.
Our Role
We pair you with a passionate health coach who is in your corner from Day 1.
After your first call with your health coach, we will send you a consent form to complete.
Once you complete this form, we ship you your medical testing equipment and digital tools at no cost.
Our nurses and pharmacists are here to answer any questions you have about your chronic condition.
We keep all of your personal health information protected.
Your Role
Commit about 10 minutes each month to talk with your health coach by phone, text or any other preferred method.
Once we ship you your medical testing equipment, you take your readings regularly. They are securely sent through our app to your coach.
Review the educational material sent to you by your health coach each month.
Reach out to our healthcare professionals when you have questions or concerns.
Invite a family member to be part of your health journey.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Why should I join Kannact?

A: We know how overwhelming the self-management of health conditions can be. That’s why this is a free benefit for each qualifying plan member and their dependents. The Kannact program gives you the tools and support you need so you can better understand how to manage diabetes in your day-to-day life. We believe that with better health, you can get back to living life to its fullest.

Q2 : Once I’m eligible to join Kannact, what next?

A: Once you’ve been invited to join as part of your health plan, you can schedule a first call with your health coach through our website. Just select ‘Check Your Eligibility’, fill in your contact details and schedule a call at a time that suits you!
After your first call, we will send you a short form to complete. After completing this form, you will be scheduled to receive your medical devices and you can begin taking your readings and talking with your health coach!

Q3 : What results can I expect with Kannact?

A: Our members have demonstrated exceptional progress. For example, on average, our members with diabetes have reduced their blood glucose levels by more than 35 mg/dl, which is equivalent to a drop of 1 point in HbA1c (hemoglobin) levels between 6-12 months after joining the program.

Q4 : What medical testing equipment do you provide?

A: Kannact participants receive testing supplies to support their specific condition(s) and ways for you to track and monitor their progress. For those with diabetes, a glucometer, testing strips, lancing device, and lancets are sent. Strips and lancets are refilled on a quarterly basis and enough supplies are sent to meet your doctor's prescribed testing frequency.

Q5 : Are there any hidden costs when I join Kannact as part of my employer’s health plan?

A:Kannact is a free health benefit program provided by your employer as part of your health plan. It is entirely free to you and there are no hidden costs.

Q6 : What does talking with my health coach look like?

A: Having a coach means that you always have someone in your corner to support you on your health journey! You can choose to talk to your coach on the phone or through messages in our app depending on what you prefer.
Your coach will work with you on medication compliance, testing adherence, and they will help guide you to set lifestyle goals to bring about meaningful and impactful results. As a subject matter expert, your coach will be a great resource for increasing your knowledge about your chronic condition and how to manage it, stress reduction, and other factors that can affect your health outcomes.Your coach can also work with you to improve your diet, nutrition, and other health factors, such as sleep and stress management.

Q7 : How much time do I need to commit to Kannact’s program?

A: Once you join Kannact, you can expect to commit 10 minutes each month to talk to your personal health coach. Once you and your coach get acquainted, together you can decide if you’d like to schedule longer chats with them depending on your schedule and needs.

Q8 : Is this program a replacement for my doctor?

A: No, Kannact is not a replacement for your doctor. The Kannact program works to support you in addition to your doctor’s visits and you are encouraged to maintain regular visits to your primary care provider.

Q9 : How long do I have access to Kannact for?

A: You have access to Kannact as long as you are covered on your employer’s medical plan. You can sign up any time because enrollment is always open.

Q10 : Does Kannact have access to my protected health information (PHI)?

A: Since Kannact is HIPAA compliant, your information is not shared with any unauthorized party including your employer. Your information is confidential and your medical and health information is kept safe and secure.
Our coaches are supported by a medical guidance team including medical doctors, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners. By providing your medical history, our team can design a personalized plan to manage your condition and improve your health.
Call our enrollment support if you have any questions: (800) 223 0854