Kannact is a no-cost benefit offered to the Box Elder School District employees and their dependents who are covered under the company sponsored medical plan. We work with members who have chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension,
and Cardiovascular Risk.
Free Testing Supplies
Your testing supplies delivered to your doorstep as you need them.
Testing Made Easy
Wireless devices upload blood glucose and blood pressure readings to your private portal automatically.
Personalized Plan
Create a personalized action plan with your certified Kannact Health Coach bases on your lifestyle.
Your Kannact App
A state-of-the-art mobile application to engage in the coaching experience and visualize your journey to better health.
Kannact provides free testing supplies, including glucometers and blood pressure cuffs that transmit real-time information to your secure online account!
  • Connects directly to your account
  • FDA approved accurate devices
  • Shipped directly to your home
*Substitute testing supplies are available for participants with incompatible smartphones
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my employer offering Kannact?

A. We know how overwhelming the self-management of health conditions can be. That’s why this is a free benefit for each qualifying plan member and their dependents. The Kannact program gives you the tools and support you need so you can better understand how to manage diabetes and high blood pressure in your day-to-day life. We believe that with better health, you can get back to living life to its fullest.

Q2. Why is Kannact reaching out to me?

A. Your insurance provider sends Kannact a list of potential program applicants. Kannact then uses this list to introduce our program to potential participants. You may request removal from the contact list at any time.

Q3. If I’m self-managing my health conditions, why should I enroll in the program?

A. We all have busy schedules, and sometimes taking time for yourself and your health is left on the backburner. Diabetes and high blood pressure, however, require steadfast daily routines to stop or reverse negative trends in your health. You face many care-related decisions as you self-manage every day. Kannact Health Coaches support you in incorporating healthy lifestyles into your daily routine and are there to help should an emergency happen.

Q4. What are the results we can expect with Kannact?

A. Participants—just like you—demonstrated exceptional progress after 12 months on the program. For diabetic participants, this includes a reduction in average blood glucose levels by more than 35 mg/dl, which is equivalent to a drop of 1 point in HbA1c (hemoglobin) levels.

Q5. How long is the program?

A. You have access to Kannact as long as you are covered on your employer’s medical plan. You can sign up anytime because enrollment is always open.

Q6. How do the devices send my readings?

A. Kannact sends devices based on your smartphone compatibility, that connect and send readings directly to your secure account. Substitute testing supplies are available for participants with incompatible smartphones.

Q7. How many glucose test strips does it include?

A. Kannact gives you unlimited strips based on your useage. Kannact ships out supplies quarterly according to the amount of strips your doctor prescribed you. We’ll send you more strips within two weeks of your supply running out. No need to run to the pharmacy for emergency strips!

Q8. Why do they assign me a Health Coach?

A. Coaches are trusted allies and partners who are personally assigned to support and guide you in achieving your health goals. Kannact coaches are clinically trained, and they work with you on everyday barriers and challenges of living with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Q9. Why are they asking about my medical history?

A. The Kannact program offers free coaching along with your glucometer, testing supplies, and tools to self-manage diabetes and high blood pressure. Medical professionals run the program, and they need your medical history or lab data to help you design a plan for you to improve your health. This information is confidential, and we won’t sell or divulge any participant information to any unauthorized party.

Q10. What training does a Kannact Health Coach have?

A. Each coach has a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and at least 2 years of experience in the healthcare industry before being hired. Once hired, coaches then study to become certified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Our Chief Medical Officer and Chief Pharmacist also design rigorous continuous education units to ensure that coaches can help you at their best potential.

Q11. How can a Kannact Health Coach help me?

A. Our coaches work with you to set and achieve real, impactful goals personalized to you. Coaching often focuses on assessing your diet, nutrition, and weight-loss strategies. The coach also helps with increasing your knowledge about your chronic condition, the importance of establishing positive social support, stress relief, and other factors that can affect your health outcomes.

Q12. How can my family help in the process?

A. Family and trusted friends are valuable resources for your health! Through this program they can be connected to your real-time information. They will receive alerts when your blood glucose or blood pressure readings are out of range on their phone or email. So, whether they live near or far, they can provide you additional support!
The Kannact Experience
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