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We make diabetes management
about the person, not the disease.
Kannact Overview
Kannact is an international chronic disease management company offering multi-lingual programs.
The Kannact diabetes management solution harnesses the power of breakthrough in health tracking technology, proprietary Healthcare CRM leveraging behavioral science insights and real time patient generated health data (PGHD) analysis. Our comprehensive, patient-centered solution helps people with diabetes (PWD) successfully achieve and sustain their glycemic goals with minimum disruption to their daily lives and activities.
Our target population ranges from low to high risk PWD. We are not a wellness program or a case management service, but a disease management solution. The the New England Journal of Medicine in its September 2007 issue defined the five determinants of health as genetic 25%, environment 6%, behavioral 37%, socioeconomic 20% and healthcare 12%. Typical disease management models only address 12% of user engagement components, while Kannact, by understanding behavioral and socio components, addresses 69%.
Our system is built upon protocols and engagement processes developed in our in-house sister clinic specializing in chronic care. Our in-house pharmacy collects the patients’ supplies prescription and allows us to measure compliance with the doctor’s prescription. One-on-one coaching and an ecosystem that includes family and friends drive accountability and continued engagement.
Kannact’s 87% participant adherence level is more than double the national average of 42%. Kannact’s high adherence levels, digital health interactive platform, and extensive personal coaching are contributing factors to the 37% reduction in the development of vascular conditions and the remarkable improvement in the overall health that our participants report after 12 months of continuous engagement.
Kannact Product Roadmap
Other Chronic Disease Monitoring Devices
The Kannact system is currently set up to manually enter weight and blood pressure readings and will soon be able to connect to Bluetooth weight scales and cell-based blood pressure monitors and import the results directly.
Kannact is moving forward with a portable blood pressure cuff that will interface with our platform and is now creating the coaching and educational programs required to demonstrate long-term habits changes that will improve health and cost outcomes for those with Hypertension. Release for this program is slated for the second half of 2017.
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) are conditions that are influenced by insulin resistance. In the near future, Kannact is planning to create products designed to help patients affected by these medical conditions.
Krishna Rao, CEO
Former COO, Summit Systems, Credence and HP
Mike May, MD,
Chief Medical Officer SHS,, GSRMC
Jeff Merten
Chief of Sales:
Steve Middendorff, Pharm.D., Chief Pharmacist:
Target Corporation
John Gotchall, MD, Medical Director of Sahali Clinic
Board certified in, Pulmonary Disease, Internal and Critical Care Medicine
James Chamberlain, MD, Advisory Board
Board certified in internal medicine. Medical Director for Diabetes Services at St. Mark’s Hospital
Dave Edwards, MD, Advisory Board
Board certified in Podiatric Surgery. President of the Utah Podiatric Medical Association
Daryl Pohl, MD, Medical Advisor
Former President of Oregon Regional Radiology Practice

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Additional offerings for Hypertension and Heart Diseases will be released in late 2017
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